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We are grateful that you have shown interest in contributing a guest article. We are here to stoke the flames of enthusiasm for writing and urge anyone with a burning desire to express themselves through writing to contribute to Keralanewsonline.com.

The website Keralanewsonline.com makes an effort to convey a substantial amount of information that covers all aspects of human existence. It is a worldwide platform that combines several forms of media and is used for the exchange of information related to all aspects of life.

The Positive Aspects

Guest blogging results in a situation in which both the contributors to the guest blog and the proprietors of the website come out ahead. Because we control the company, we get the opportunity to create high-quality material that is specifically geared toward our demographic. While serving in the capacity of a guest blogger, you are eligible to get high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, in addition to referral traffic and brand recognition for your website.

Keralanewsonline.com has a big readership that is consistently growing, which ensures that users will be exposed to and recognized by their target audience.

Additional Search Engine Optimization Benefits, such as the rapid indexing of our articles.

If you are a professional writer interested in guest blogging for us but do not wish to be paid for your contributions, please get in touch with us and provide some examples of your previous work.

The Subject Areas

Because we are a worldwide multi-media platform, we tend to be less selective when it comes to the subjects of the articles that we post.

It is required that your article be at least 600 words long for us to have something meaningful to present to our audience.

Steer clear of anything that has been watered down, since in all honesty, who wants to waste time scanning through meaningless filler?

The list of subjects that we cover in our articles may be seen in the “category” area of our website for your convenience.

We are always interested in hearing new and exciting concepts from passionate writers. Because these subjects are broad in scope, you are allowed to write on anything that piques your interest.

Submission Guidelines

We ask that you utilize the contact form to submit any article ideas or subjects you have. Mention your website and include links to any of your prior pieces that have been published. If you have already prepared an article for us, please send it to us by using the link provided below. It should be saved as a Google Doc.

Things That Must Be Borne In Mind

It is required that all guest blogs be unique and never before seen online. This mandates that there has to be absolutely NO plagiarism and NO copy-pasting.

The guest blogs ought to be helpful, interesting, and pertinent to the people who will be reading them.

Before submitting your post, you need to be sure that you have done extensive research and cited your sources.

We do not accept guest posts or articles that include links to marketing campaigns that promote the author’s own business.

Please provide a brief author bio of no more than two to three sentences, as well as a couple of links to the author’s website or blog.

Please be patient with us while we go through the plethora of applications that have been sent to us; this process might take some time. We make every effort to react as quickly as possible and, in most cases, do so within five business days. We regret to inform you that you will only receive a response from us if the editorial staff like the article idea or piece that you have submitted. Your request might not have been granted if we haven’t responded to it within the allotted time frame of 15 days.

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