Roof Protection With Access Platform Solutions

Access platforms are engineered using high-strength aluminum or steel framework. It offers a safe walking surface across, around, or over roof surface obstacles like cable trays, piping, conduit, and duct works. The maintenance personnel can navigate and access the rooftop equipment doors or panels with ease. 

Con-form plant platforms are elevated work podiums used to gain access in different situations, especially hard-to-reach areas. For example, the food & beverage production plants need to have a work environment suitable to attain international standards compliance. 

The HVAC system has to rightly control air pressure, temperature, and humidity within the production facility. Con-form Group designed a new system that ensured the air introduced into the facility is filtered and fulfills necessary international standards essential to get a compliance certification. 

Australian industries and businesses can benefit a lot from employing access platforms for rooftop equipment. 

  • High-grade aluminum platforms are reliable to gain access to machinery at height.
  • The platforms are easily accessible, maintenance-free, and cost-effective.
  • The designs can be customized to fulfill your purpose.
  • The modular, prefabricated components ensure simple and quick installation.
  • Installation of customized access platforms increases roof surface durability.
  • The surface of walkways, staircases, crossover, and platforms is slip resistant which enhances traction.
  • Ensure that the platform is fully compliant with height safety standards and AS 1657:2018 Australian standards.
  • The height and size of the prefabricated platform are adjustable to the staircase height.
  • Non-penetration or standalone model protects digging the roof got installation.
  • Suspended platforms are lightweight and allow water and debris to flow away.
  • Hand railings add to the overall safety of workers. 

You can even choose portable access platforms because it improves your employee’s confidence level while working at a height. Workers that operate regularly at height on the roofs to inspect or fix machinery can benefit from safety and easy maneuverability. For example, solar panel installers need an access platform, which needs to be transported and assembled in minutes on-site. 

Large AC units need navigation around for maintenance and servicing. The maintenance personnel carry tools and there are several challenges on roof levels. Besides, slipping and falling while passing the ducts, pipes, or conduits, there are concerns of tools falling on the roof. The movements on the roof can cause damage to the roof membrane, which is not good for the building infrastructure. 

Another concern is when large machinery is placed on the rooftop. The machinery's bulkiness and heaviness can crush the roof membrane. So, it is sensible to install the machinery on elevated platforms with ballasted legs and antiskid pads. Even add access platforms for workers to access the height with ease. The platforms have sufficient space for the workers to handle their maintenance and repair tools. 

Working on a roof is risky but is a necessity. Cleaning skylights & gutters, general roof maintenance, or fixing are some tasks that need easy access. Some situations need stepovers to go up and across parapets, low or large piping, and cable trays. Check the corrosion-resistant, anti-slip, and compliant platform products!