Do You Want To Be A Happy Lawyer? Study Tax Law

Imagine being an attorney with less stress, greater flexibility, and many other benefits. This could be the life you choose if tax law is your field.

In fact, lawyers say they are happier with their jobs that in all other areas. Continue reading to find out.

Here are some examples of the work you might be doing as a tax attorney. Also, take a look at the top reasons to study this rewarding area of law school.

1. You Will Have More Stability

There will always exist taxes. That is why there will always be tax lawyers.

You will be needed all year to provide tax law expertise. You may even be busier in litigation or other transactional work than your law school peers!

Although tax law may not be completely immune to fluctuations in the economy, it tends to remain more stable even during economic downturns. Due to tax reform being a popular topic in politics, the field is likely to experience more demand.

Tax law can also be more emotionally stable. The work is less emotionally stressful than family law. If you are looking for a way to get away from the drama and legal world, tax law might be for you.

2. There Are Many Career Options

Everyone is subject to tax law. Therefore, tax lawyers can find employment in virtually any industry.

The roles of tax lawyers include both in-house counsel and outside accounting firms. They can also work as in-house attorneys for businesses. All of this translates into a plethora of work options.

3. You Can Make a Big Difference

Tax law is a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in your life.

Taxes are often confusing. Your guidance is key to keeping families and businesses afloat. Another option is to work as an administrative assistant for a charitable organization. Volunteer your services for people in need by volunteering with organizations.

If you would like to influence tax law change at a higher level, you could collaborate with the IRS and Treasury Department or other government entities.

4. There Are Many Ways to Have a Variety of Options

There's a lot more to tax law than you might imagine. Tax needs vary from individuals to multi-national corporations to small businesses.

One example is working with a non-profit to ensure that they are compliant with tax law and regulations in order to maintain their tax-exempt status. You could also work as an in-house lawyer to help your company pick the best retirement plans for its employees.

You may even work as an attorney: Tax lawyers can defend their clients' tax position in front of the appropriate agency (IRS/state Department of Revenue) and in courts. On the other hand, tax lawyers for governments represent their interests.

A typical day might include working with colleagues on your team, conducting research, or negotiating with lawyers representing other parties to a transaction. Preparing for a hearing or trial might be part of the job. So you can have variety in the work environment, whether you work solo or in a team that handles clients.

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