How To Discuss Medical Marijuana With Your Doctor?

Acquiring your physician's recommendation is a vital first step for any patient interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card and making purchases at the dispensary. Whether you've previously used marijuana to treat your symptoms or are contemplating it for the first time, the doctor clearance procedure is a step you'll need to complete as part of your patient application. Fortunately, many physicians are actively authorizing patients for medicinal marijuana, and the procedure is less difficult than you would imagine. We hope the information in this guide answers your questions and gets you started on the road to becoming a medical marijuana cardholder.

What Exactly Is A Recommendation For Medical Marijuana?

It is critical to understand what you will be wanting from doctors of cannabis before contacting them. Because medical marijuana is not a prescription substance, doctors cannot "prescribe" it to patients in the same way that they would other pharmaceutical treatments. Instead, doctors may merely "recommend" medicinal marijuana to patients if they feel it will benefit them. Legally, such recommendations are regarded as constitutionally protected free speech that happens as part of the doctor-patient interaction.

After registering with the Department of Public Health, both physicians and registered nurse practitioners can provide medicinal marijuana recommendations. When you get a medical marijuana recommendation, you are simply asking your provider to help you enroll in a state-licensed program.

Locating A Doctor

Your specific healthcare circumstances will influence who you approach for assistance in receiving your referral. It's a good idea to start with your primary care physician, who is familiar with your medical history and current therapies. Your primary care physician should be able to give advice tailored to your unique health requirements and may be ready to make a recommendation on your behalf. Please keep in mind that to make recommendations, your doctor must be certified by the Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

However, many patients do not have a primary care physician or receive primary care from a provider that is unable or unwilling to make medical marijuana prescriptions. In this instance, the best course of action is to consult with a medical marijuana therapy professional. There are several providers enrolled with the medicinal marijuana program that can certify qualifying patients.

Talking About Medical Marijuana Treatment

Once you've decided which clinician to approach for your referral, you'll want to consider how to successfully explain your interest in medical marijuana therapy. Here are some suggestions about how to conduct the conversation:

Be Honest: It's critical; to be honest about your health state and explain why you believe this treatment choice is right for you. It's fine to relate your prior beneficial experiences with marijuana for treating your problems.

Be Thorough: If you're already receiving therapy for your disease, explain what's helped and what hasn't. They will be able to better understand why this extra therapy interests you and how it may be able to assist by examining your treatment requirements, progress, and long-term objectives.

Be Well-Informed: Because some doctors are more knowledgeable about medical marijuana therapy than others, it's always a good idea to demonstrate that you've done your homework. Demonstrating that you've researched the science behind how marijuana affects your disease will demonstrate that you're taking the matter seriously and may even persuade a hesitant provider to reconsider this alternative. It's also a good idea to learn the fundamentals of medicinal marijuana in Massachusetts in case your doctor is unfamiliar with the program.

Above all, remember that you are one of many people seeking medical marijuana treatment, and it is not unusual to bring this up with your practitioner.

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