Flower-Power is Back! The X Floral Accessories Trending Now

Trends can be cyclical. Sweater vests (trucker hats), tracksuits and sweater vests have all seen a revival in the past year. According James Hillman . Flowers are not always out of fashion. You have come to the right spot if you are looking to welcome spring with a variety of floral focused pieces. Three different ways you can incorporate floral patterns to your wardrobe have been highlighted. Hawaiian shirts

The Hawaiian Shirt has received a poor reputation in the past. It’s traditionally been thought of as the extravagant and garish reserved for fashion-averse uncles, who want to look good on sunny days. Hawaiian shirts are a great choice for warm weather because they feature lightweight materials, open-collars, and a loose fitting, breathable design.

The Hawaiian shirt has been adopted by many of fashion’s most famous names. Ralph Lauren, Casablanca, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren all created lines that can be used as a reference.

This spring, the trend has returned back to its roots. Instead of being exposed to the Parisian fashion house’s eyes, the trend has returned to its Aloha, bold roots. Think fancy dress parties and Johnny Depp (Raoul Duke/ Hunter S. Thompson) in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

You can replicate the look by shopping at vintage shops, which will likely have many classic Hawaiian shirts on hand.

Floral Power is Back! The X Floral pieces Trending Now

70s chic:

Rihanna’s latest capsule featuring her lingerie line Savage x Fenty is heavily influenced floral patterns. The marketing campaign the singer created for her fashion brand, Savage x Fenty, has intentional 70s overtones. It features Rihanna’s face delicately frame by her fringe as well as hazy sunlight-soaked footage that is filled with psychedelic shades at the edges.

Savage x Fenty has been valued at nearly $1 billion. The already powerful singer and designer isn’t showing any signs of quitting, despite having so much financial interest in her business. Her Instagram post to announce the new capsule was liked by well over 5,000,000 people. This support has made floral designs the hottest trend for spring.

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Floral summer dresses:

CardiB, another big name in music, was photographed at Paris Fashion Week last January wearing a head to toe floral-patterned outfit. It was designed by Richard Quinn of Britain, and has caused a stir online. Awe-inspiring even though it was impractical (she claimed not to be able see with it on), the outfit covered the rapper in a swell blue, white, and yellow flowers. It was also a social commentary, as she wore it in defiance of France’s bans on veils in public areas.

Floral patterns are omnipresent on runways. From bold, all-encompassing outfits like Cardi B’s to just accentuating with floral-inspired accessory accessories, they are everywhere. While spring is bringing with it its own set, trends are changing due to warmer temperatures and brighter spring colors. Flowers are the only constant.